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"It was great to be able to bring a different activity into the centre and show our community we aren't just leisure and swimming; we're creative, innovative and adapting to our surrounding, which is something you helped deliver meticulously"


Kate Shelley, MyTime Active.



"Thank you, you are both great! Seeing Caris and Amy smile was just great! One of the young male patients is completely blind and yet felt very able to experience your production! You are welcome back anytime!"


Phillipa Sellar, St Christopher's Hospice. 



 "The day was amazing! We can't thank you enough for all of your hard work. The kids loved it and the parents were wowed by the activities. Transforming our meeting rooms into Wonderland was miraculous, Thank You!"


Richard Llewellyn, AOL.



 "Thank you so much! We had a LOT of kids crying not wanting to go home so I think its safe to say they had the best time"


Adrienne Khachatourian, OATH



"I can't thank you enough for the amazing birthday party yesterday! Not only were you brilliant at keeping the surprise, but you held the children's attention perfectly for a whole hour! They were absolutely absorbed in the story and the games you came up with were genius - no winners or losers meant no tears from little ones!"

Trish Nickols, Parent. 



"Take A Seat have run one-day Drama workshops extremely successfully for us here at Croydon High, over the past three years. They are highly organised and full of ideas but most importantly they inspire the girls to perform with confidence and spirit - and to really enjoy themselves!"

Croydon High School



@takeaseatproductions Christmas production of Cinderella & it was wonderful! The tale was given a modern makeover with jokes for the adults and opportunities for the children to get involved & dance and we all loved it! We would definitely recommended checking out their events - we had so much fun!




After all that craft fun, the pirate lead us to another room where the immersive show began. It was great, adults were able to get involved too, it was 1.5hrs long I was a bit hesitant at first. But there were so many surprises for the kids that they didn’t have a second spare to get bored.





Little miss had such a good afternoon today thanks to @takeaseatproductions ! Your kids will be taken on an interactive storytelling journey through Wonderland! There are crafts, singing, dancing and lots of funny games!




My boys had such a good time at Super Hero school ! They will definitely be coming again! Thank you for giving them such a special week 

Jules, Parent. 



"Superhero Drama Workshop came to our childcare rescue this summer! The kids loved it and made some great new friends, and we could get some work done!"


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