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Play-in-a day


This is a special whole day workshop designed to give the children an opportunity to explore, prepare and perform an entire play in a day! During the workshop students will work in groups and pairs and learn different performance techniques. We also include leadership skills, along with confidence building and team work. This is also a great way to showcase your school or youth group to prospective parents and students!

Interactive Show


It's not always possible to get the whole school to the theatre, so we are offering schools a chance to bring the theatre to them!

We can offer small pop up seasonal shows that come into school with minimal set up and space required. Performance length can be adapted to suit you and your students. 

Our past performances of Cinderella and Alice In Wonderland have been very popular, and with singing, dancing and interactive games, we promise that everyone will leave with a smile!

Design Your Own!


Bespoke workshops are available on request so please get in touch for a quote* and to discuss any specific requirements you may wish to include or focus on during the workshop. 


*All quotes include travel. 

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